An Intentional Year

2023 is my year!

I’ve been shouting that everywhere and to everyone who’ll listen. 😂 My heart is overflowing with joy and victory. I can’t help the virtual fist pumps as we establish business plans for this year.

Taking some time off to rest, reflect, and realign has been the best thing I could give to myself and this business.

Back during the rush of Black Friday sales, I jumped on the offers Kat Schmoyner had for her Biz Planning Workbook & course. Hands down, THE best gift I gave myself (other than the rest, of course 😉).

p.s. this isn’t sponsored!

The questions in the workbook and her teaching were so insightful, it gave me that last piece of the puzzle to truly take this year by storm.

And in my joy, I’d love to gush over my goals and give you a peek into where we’ll be heading this year. 😃

An Intentional Year

The word intentional has been stirring within me for quite some time. And it’s so fitting considering everything the Lord is doing in all aspects of my life.

So this is a year of INTENTIONAL forward motion. Intentional disciplines, intentional mindsets, intentional goals, etc. Everything is driven with heart and on purpose.

It took time to reach this place–healing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. But God has been better to me than I’ll ever deserve.

And from this place of wholeness in Him (long testimony for another time!), I have such confidence to claim my piece in this booming business of family and brand photography.

Ahhh! I’m so excited!

One Quarter At A Time

While I’d love to dish all my ambitions for the year, I’m taking everything one Quarter at a time. Planning to evaluate and adjust accordingly.

However, one of the biggest “goals” I have is to create more value for our amazing clients.

My creativity has been on fire in brainstorming and daydreaming about all the ways I can assist families in their memory-making as well as creative small business owners who want to level up their media presence with images that tell their story.

Not gonna lie, it felt a bit overwhelming at first. But breaking everything down into management pieces and hyper-focusing on realistic goals I know I can achieve in Q1 has been the game-changer.

I’ve already said it once, but I’M SO EXCITED!

Quick Glance at Q1

Let’s be honest, not many people want outdoor sessions in winter. 😂 So I’m using this “photographer’s downtime” to sharpen and polish many of the client guides we have and those we’re gearing to release in 2023.

Essentially I’m getting the business foundations and framework established to have a smooth transition when Spring sessions take off.

I don’t want to give all the spoilers away, however, I truly have a hyper-focus on serving our amazing clients better in 2023. So definitely be on the lookout for what’s ahead!

Embracing Humble Beginnings

As I mentioned before, all of this can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when there are so many others in business who are further along in their journey or far more established in their craft.

If you’re like me in this, then let’s encourage each other to embrace the beauty of humble beginnings.

It isn’t a matter of what we look like during construction. Instead, let’s cling to the final image when know we’ll one day be walking in.

Holding onto that confidence that we CAN do this. That we were created for this. And we’re embracing the start of a long and amazing journey!

Thank you so much for dropping in and listing to all my gushing!

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this year?

I’d love to gush with you in return!

green notebook with business goal planning papers plus a blue highlighter and blue pen

January 19, 2023

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